Pagina 342 - Catalogus 2012

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A Healthy
Dose of
Great Taste
Centrix makes fluoride
varnish safer and
cleanup easier.
At Centrix we make dentistry easier.
No need for a prophy before application
Dries in seconds upon contact
with saliva
Tooth integrating to seal against
Remains on tooth for 6 to 8 hours
for optimum fluoride uptake
FluoroDose is a white cavity varnish featuring 5% sodium
fluoride, which is the maximum allowed fluoride dosage, in
a single-use LolliPack
package. Each unit contains one single
dose (0.3ml) plus one applicator which allows you to mix varnish
prior to application, guaranteeing a consistent level of fluoride in
every application. Available in great tasting Bubble Gum, Mint,
Cherry and Melon flavors.
Simply peel back the cover, dip in the brush, mix and apply.
No more messy gels and uncomfortable trays; no more inherent
worry of fluoride ingestion.
Call 0800-0222-143 or visit for
more information.
The best fluoride cavity varnish
available on the market.
Scan to learn more.